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If you are unable to keep an appointment, the courtesy of 24 hours notice would be appreciated

Ear Piercing

We freeze the ear lobes with a topical disinfectant prior to piercing.ear piercing


Safe, disposable earring applicators are used to provide the ultimate in hygiene and in accordance with our regular health board license renewal and inspection.

We can only pierce the ear lobe and not the cartilage (according to law) .

Please note that children must be a minimum of 2 years old.  The most common age for ear piercing is 6-7 years old.

Home Care

Proper home care is essential after piercing.  Ears must be swabbed clean with peroxide at least 2 times per day, particularly when coming into contact with your pillow or hats.  This is done by drenching a Q-tip and soaking the area (front and back).  Turn the studs at this time, by rotating the front of the earring.

*Wash your hands prior to touching the area.*

Earrings will be left in (day and night) for 6 weeks to ensure the hole heals up nicely. 

If an infection or allergy is suspected in any way, earrings must be removed.  If in doubt, feel free to come back into the spa so we can do this for you or further advise.